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Why Bluestem?

The Bluestem Difference: Finding a Remodeler You Can Trust

When remodeling “horror stories” hit the news, it’s easy to wonder how to find a remodeler you can trust. Will you be treated well? Will you get what you want?

Bluestem Construction has over 18 years of delivering high-quality, high-value projects – just take a look at our portfolio! We are a dedicated, motivated team. We are passionate about creating your Personalized Remodeling Solution and giving you a great experience.

Our owner, Timothy Ferraro, is a Certified Remodeler and Green Certified Professional with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). We hold all the current licenses and insurance required and are continuing to develop the best practices in the industry.

When working with Bluestem, you’ll have your own customized online client portal that keeps your project details at hand, 24/7.

The Bluestem team commits to delivering your project in the most efficient time frame possible!

The Highest Quality

Bluestem uses checklists at crucial steps of the remodeling process to ensure accurate and high quality work on your home. We partner with excellent subcontractors, and hand-pick our carpenters for their expertise and attention to detail.

Our team members all share the same passion for creating the finest in personalized remodeling projects. We continue to integrate the latest, improved building practices and innovations into your home, like great new materials and energy-efficient technology.

Bluestem has been recognized as an industry leader with awards for excellence – including a 2016 National Contractor of the Year (COTY) award from NARI.

This all adds up to you knowing that your project will have the quality, durability and aesthetic to look great and last.

Staying on Budget

It’s true – remodeling projects can be costly. We know that, and we are committed to staying on budget on every single one of our projects.

We provide you full information about costs and options right from our very first visit together. And, when you get a concept design from our team, it comes with a budget — so you will know if the dream project is feasible.

Next, we give you a bid-priced, detailed contract and scope of work, so  you will always know exactly what you are buying.

Finally, your online portal tracks all project finances — including allowances, changes and payments. You will know exactly where you stand at a glance, anytime.

The Best Information and Communication

As your Personalized Remodeling Specialists, a big part of our job is providing you with good information to help you make the best decisions. That may be design choices, technical options, or costs. From your first contact with us, we will listen to your needs and share with you valuable information.

Your customized online portal makes communication easy. You have a whole team watching out for you. Those who have built with us in the past consistently comment on the exceptional service, clear communication and attention to detail they received.

You can also expect in-person meetings during your project with your Bluestem team. We are fully-committed to listening to your direction and ideas; it’s your home, after all!

Design and Planning:
Making It Easy

Our organized and proven design planning strategies combine our expertise with your voice. Bluestem Construction creates not only a partnership between our team and clients, but a collaborative relationship built on communication, trust, and consistency.

Our team of design and planning specialists are professionals who have built their careers helping homeowners create the home they love, and they are with you every step of the way. Your online portal keeps all the details of your choices organized and right at hand, giving you security that everything will turn out as you intended.

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