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Tamatha Miller

Lead Interior Specialist

Get the creative edge for your next bathroom or unique project! See how Tamatha’s diverse experience will make it easy to be heard and understood.

As she manages our integrated design-through-construction process, Tamatha brings leadership and client connection to the forefront. Starting with the first design conversation, to completion of the final details, her passion is to find the personalized vision and voice for each homeowner’s project.

Experienced with formal training in all aspects of Fine Arts, Tamatha has honed her residential and commercial design skills over the last 12 years through on-going professional training and practice. Her diverse background (including set design for corporate events and theater, commercial artistic fabrication and commissioned artwork) inspires the creative, personalized and award-winning design solutions you see in our portfolio.

With over 24 years of continuous experience in client care, 12 of which being in management and training, our Clients cannot say enough good things about their experience working with Tamatha. Quite simply, they know that they are heard and understood – even if it isn’t spoken. When there are two or more decision makers, she excels at connecting the (sometimes diverse) opinions. She believes that great design stems from listening and solid collaboration. She will always have your best interests at heart and strives to bring an unexpected creative edge to your project.

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