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Clean and Cozy With a Twist

Victorian limestone basement becomes great guest and play space

  • Basement Hil Living Room
  • Basement Hil Living Room Couch
  • Basement Hil Living Room Painting
  • Basement Hil Living Room Cabinet
  • Basement Hil Living Room 1

Before & Afters

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Basement Hil Laundry
Basement Hil Cabinet
Basement Hil Wooden Door
Basement Hil Hallway Carpet
Basement Hil Storage
Basement Hil Painting

Project Details

The rough limestone walls, uneven floor and plumbing on the ceiling had these homeowners thinking this basement could never be a livable space. The original “servants” stairs to the basement were little more than a ladder, making laundry a daily death-defying event.

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Combined with a significant re-work of the first floor, the staircase was completely rebuilt, being moved slightly. The finished space includes a guest room, bathroom, laundry, family room and “dad’s poker room”. The owner’s artistic photography was used to create a mural and photo niche. This gives a great pop of color.

To move some natural light from the new window in the bedroom, an interior decorative window was added. The owner and the designer found patterned rice paper to provide a translucent treatment.

This new basement space provides casual living spaces not available elsewhere in this Victorian home.

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