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Bluestem creates a more collaborative and satisfying path for your remodeling experience; a path focused on close communication and discovering a shared vision for your home. From initial design to final construction, Bluestem’s uniquely attentive team of specialists, designers and craftspeople guides you through each step of the journey leading to a finished space that reflects your needs, aesthetics and values.

The details of our process ensure your project is done right, which is one of the ways we will create a great experience for you. You are always in control of your decisions, schedule and investment.

We eliminate surprises, making sure you are heard, and help you get the best possible solution for your home.


The Bluestem Process

1: Initial Consultation and Customer Relationship

We start by getting to know each other. Our team wants to learn about your needs and dreams for your home. We want you to understand the enormous value you receive when working with us, and — how much fun it can be! This step includes an initial in-home consultation and an optional in-office “ideas” meeting. There is no charge for this first step.

2: The Bluestem 4-Stage Planning Process

Good planning is the best way to ensure your project is done right, and that you have a great experience and enjoy the remodeling process. Through good planning we can assure those results. Here is how we do that:

Phase 1: Project Launch
● In-depth discussions help us get a more complete understanding of your needs, goals and budget.
Online Project Portal Setup. Our online project portal contains all the details of your project, including costs, calendars and communication – all in one place. You will have access to your project portal 24/7.
● The design process is kicked off at your home. This is when your home is measured and 3D “as-built” drawings are then made.

Phase 2: Design Exploration
● Further conversations with the planning/design team.
● We conclude with a Concept Presentation Meeting.
In this presentation you will see:
– Options for design, layout, features and scope of your project
– 3D computer renderings that allow you to walk through your new space and visualize it better
– Detailed “really-real” budgets based on what is actually being presented

Phase 3: Project Assessment
● Revisions to the design and the budget as needed, provided to you.
● The Selections Kick-off Meeting concludes this phase. Here we find out how you would like to be helped in the Managed Selections Process. Do you like to shop? Or would you rather the team supports you in organizing the detailed decisions to make so you won’t get overwhelmed? We tailor this process to your preferences.

Phase 4: Design Resolution
● All details from the work so far are crafted into an organized, comprehensive set of plans
● Project Analysis. The Project Analysis is key to reducing surprises. It also lets us give you our bid-price guarantee.
● Your lead carpenter is now getting to know the details of your home so that he is fully prepared to keep the building process on track.

3: Construction Contract Meeting

We review all details with you and make adjustments, if needed, to the Final Scope of Work and Project Pricing. Once the Construction contract is signed and deposit paid, it’s time to schedule the work!

4: Pre-construction and Construction

The team that has helped you get this far stays with you for the rest of your remodeling journey.
Here is what you can expect:

● Final plans for construction.
● Permits are obtained.
● Detailed construction schedule created – you know the plan and are kept informed as things are completed.
● Managed Interior Selection Process. From sinks and light fixtures, to floors, door knobs and paint colors, our Selections Specialist supports and guides you in choosing all products and finishes for your home. The Planning Team will ensure all of your final interior selections are ordered correctly, arrive on-time and are inspected before they are to be installed in your home.
● Regular Site Visits by Design Team. Our designers typically make 8-12 site visits during construction to verify everything from framing to tile.
● Quality-control checklists at every step of the remodeling journey to ensure on-track, accurate work.

5: Warranty

We understand that from time to time there may be minor issues with an item in your project. We want you to know that we stand behind our work and want to make sure that your newly remodeled space serves you for years to come. We will cheerfully attend to appropriate warranty concerns during the warranty period.

Our warranties include:

● Workmanship Warranty (12 months)
● Mechanical Systems Warranty (2 years)
● Structure Warranty (10 years)
● Cabinetry Warranty (Lifetime)
● Total Basement Finishing Products Warranties (vary)

For more information visit our Warranties Page.


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