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Susi Strothman

Additions/Premiere project specialist

As a Certified Remodeler Susi leads the team that gives you the deep expertise for your Addition or large-scale Premiere remodeling project. Talk with her to learn about how you can achieve the design aesthetic, high-level function and value you demand.

Known for her cohesive and highly thoughtful designs, Susi has 17 years of architectural design experience in the remodeling field. Her remodeling approach is one that personalizes new living spaces for a homeowner’s lifestyle and aesthetics, while maintaining the home’s historical integrity.

A graduate of St. Olaf College where she studied economics, Susi earned her Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. She was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture for 14 years and is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Susi is a fifth-generation Minneapolitan with a passion for old houses of every vintage, with experience working on homes from circa 1838 to the present. Finding a great solution for the space, lifestyle, budget and future of each unique home is Susi’s number one motivation. She loves seeing the look on a client’s face when she shares design possibilities, when the results are exactly what they envisioned – and most of all, when the remodel looks better than they ever imagined.

A choral singer since she was five, the idea of melody and harmony is one Susi applies to design: “There is the overall proportion and architectural congruence that make up the melody of the design, while the details, subtle anomalies and moments of delight, enrich the design with harmony – just like music.”

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