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Mike Lotz

Kitchen Designer
Cabinetry Specialist

Your new kitchen will be a beautiful composition of function, flow, and fantastic detail. Find out why our clients love working with Mike!

Not only trained in Architectural Technologies and Kitchen Design, Mike is also a musician. He likens the elements of great music to the elements of a great home design: Rhythm=Proportion and Swing=Flow. The appliances are the instruments. The designer is the composer putting all the elements into balance and harmony.

This attuned sensibility is paired with nearly 20 years of improving how kitchens function, flow and feel. Mike knows that the most successful kitchen projects are a fluid collaboration between the designer and the homeowner. Once complete, it is the homeowner who will “play” the new kitchen composition daily. Mike’s satisfaction comes from knowing the new kitchen will be a happier place for years to come.

Clients love the way Mike takes their wish list and turns it into plans they can visualize. He earns trust through careful listening and his creative solutions. Mike’s enthusiasm for each project generates the energy and drive to actualize an amazing new kitchen.

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