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Sanidry Basement Dehumidifier

Bluestem is proud to feature the ENERGY STAR rated, SaniDry Basement Dehumidifiers. Now you can enjoy a dry, odor-free basement.

Since we are committed to environmentally friendly and efficient design, SaniDry is the perfect choice for our basement projects. The SaniDry combines energy efficiency with convenience, featuring a self-draining design and an air filtration system that removes allergens and mold particles directly from the air.

sanidry-diagramThe SaniDry is three times more effective than hardware store dehumidifier models, and is capable of removing up to 110 pints of water from a basement each day. With filters that remove particles as small as 2 microns, SaniDry ensures a dry, healthy basement.

SaniDry is powerful enough for duct-work, and features a “set it and forget it” digital interface that lifts daily worry from your shoulders.

We trust SaniDry in our basement designs to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and the best basement possible.

After installing a unit in his basement, one home owner said:
“I am amazed at the difference. Before the SaniDry, the old part of my basement (even though it was never wet) was always a little ‘funky smelling’. When I would spend time down there, my eyes and nose would get irritated. Now, I use my basement for a workout space. The air is always fresh and dry. With the Sanidry, I gained two more rooms in my home!”

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