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Basement-to-Beautiful Panels

Basement-to-Beautiful wall panels provide a longer-lasting, superior alternative to insulating basement walls with wood studs and fiberglass batts.

Old-school wood framing and fiberglass insulation will absorb basement moisture and attract mold. Damp, compressed fiberglass loses its insulating value. That’s not what you want in your basement! That’s why Bluestem Construction uses Basement-to-Beautiful panels as a key product in our basement wall assemblies.

These smart panels provide a 2 ½ inch thick insulation layer with rigid foam between your finished walls and the foundation. They’re sturdy enough to mount cabinets, pictures, and even televisions directly into the wall panel – no need to cut away any of the insulation!

Choose the wall panel that is made specifically with your basement in mind, and enjoy a warmer, safer, healthier home.

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