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general-sliding-doorYour basement is an important and valuable space! When you’re looking to expand your living area, you have three possibilities: move to a bigger home, add an addition, or finish the basement. Bluestem Construction can help you re-imagine this space – already in your home – to create additional rooms that are efficient, healthy and beautiful.

The basement is a unique environment and it requires specialized remodeling solutions. Not all remodelers are experienced in basement finishing — we are! Bluestem uses products designed specifically for the basement environment. Our partnership with Total Basement Finishing ensures that you’re getting the best basement finishing technology available and with guarantees.

Our Basement Systems Design Specialists will guide you through our streamlined Design-to-Construction process. We collaborate with you to create a remodeled basement that features your style and meets your unique needs. We can transform your dark, unpleasant basement into an inviting living space that adds value, function and comfort to your home. We personalize our specialty basement finishing products to create the look that is right for you.

We want to make sure your newly finished basement is:
– Durable: It will stand up to a water event.
– Safe: We know the air is pure and clean.
– Inviting: A comfortable space with defined areas that are cozy and filled with light.
– Mold-resistant: Nothing can wreck a basement like mold; we can build you a mold- free zone.
– Environmentally Friendly: Energy-efficient, warm and comfortable.
– Your Style: From clean, straight-forward finishes, to your own customized look. You decide.

Your refinished basement is an investment that will ultimately give you the additional spaces you want, increase your home’s resale value, and let you have peace of mind that it will look and feel just as good after 10 years as it does right after it is finished.

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