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Our Addition & Premier Project Planning Process

Team Driven Solutions

If your project involves an addition or substantial renovation, our full-service Design-Build process is carefully crafted to make it easy. You will collaborate with our team of caring, committed professionals who are dedicated to creating remodeling solutions to suit your needs and reflect your style. You will have an experience that is enjoyable and effective, and you will be in control at every step with our world-class online personal client portal. Here are the steps you can expect:

Project Launch

dream kitchenDuring the initial, on-site consultation we review your dreams and ideas for your home. We discuss your family’s needs and the possible size and scope of your project.
We know that a big part of our job is giving you good information, so that you can make the best decisions. Along with design ideas, we will address budget, return on investment and financing options.

By the end of the meeting we can lay out the next steps for working together and will present a design and planning proposal to take your remodeling project from idea to reality.

Once the planning process is initiated, you will have access to your own customized online client portal, which keeps all your project information organized, up-to-date and always at hand. You complete our Home Evaluation Questionnaire which helps the Design Team better understand your needs, dreams and priorities. Then we conduct a Design Kick-Off meeting. Here your personalized design team digs in to the details and the collaboration takes off.
We measure your existing home, to use as a base for the planning work.

Design Exploration

couple planning to build a houseYour team of specialists creates concept designs that reflect the discussions we’ve had. Visual research (yours and our Team’s) helps us all understand the overall look.

At your next meeting, the design team presents these concept plans with their associated budgets to ensure the planning is on the right track. We get your feedback, so we can keep your process moving.

Project Assessment

construction tools and blueprintWe refine your concept plans to hone the direction and scope of your project. In further meetings (or through the online portal) we make adjustments, until we craft the perfect project for you. From there the collaborative fun continues refining the finishing details. Whether you like to shop for the details or want options provided, we work with you in a customized process that fits your lifestyle. We help you organize and prioritize the final touches so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Design Resolution

team discussionNow that the details are fine-tuned, we populate your online portal with the detailed scope and options. Bluestem guarantees the cost of your project with a bid-priced construction contract. In preparation, we conduct a Project Analysis with our specialty trade partners. This eliminates many surprises. Selections, options and other choices are tracked on your online portal to make sure all is as you expect.


construction toolsBluestem commits to keeping your project on-schedule. To reduce the risk of delays, we finalize options with you and initiate the ordering process, so items arrive on time. You receive a project schedule and can track the milestones in your online portal. And – the best part – your design specialist is with you throughout for questions and encouragement until you are enjoying your new space!

We end our preparation stage with an on-site meeting. You will meet the construction leadership team for a pre-construction walk-through. They review the details of the mobilization process, reducing disruption, and special considerations (like meeting the dog).


man's shadow at workOn day one, we protect the surfaces of your home and prepare the site for construction activities.

You stay in control and informed throughout the project with your on-line portal and regular on-site meetings. Great communication is easy. With your message center, the whole team is ready to be sure you are heard. Your design specialist continues to monitor the construction process — working with the field team to ensure that the finished product is just what you envisioned.

Our team monitors quality at each step so the details are right, ensuring your new project will last.
Progress payments are updated and clearly shown in the online portal — you always know exactly where you stand – no surprises.


kids running around the houseOnce your project is complete, and our craftspeople have finished the final touches, your project enters the warranty period. The online portal stays active for the first year, making it easy for you to check details and reach the project team. We will check in with you toward the end of the first year, to make sure you are still ecstatic about your home. And should anything arise, we are here for you! Learn more about our warranty

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