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Mike Lotz

Mike Lotz Kitchen Designer Cabinetry Specialist Photo

Your client’s new kitchen will be a beautiful composition of function, flow, and fantastic detail.
Let Mike take the stress out of beautiful cabinetry for your next project!

Our clients love working with Mike, and yours will too. Not only trained in Architectural Technologies and Kitchen Design, Mike has been a professional musician and composer. He likens the elements of great music to the elements of a great home design: Rhythm=Proportion and Swing=Flow. The appliances are the instruments. The designer is the composer putting all the elements into balance and harmony.

His attuned sensibility comes with over 10 years of improving how kitchens function, flow and of course, look better. Mike knows that the most successful kitchen projects are a fluid collaboration between the design team and the homeowner. Mike works directly with your client, with you, or with your designer – your choice. Mike gets satisfaction from knowing the new kitchen he creates will make your client’s home a happier place for years to come.

You will love the way that Mike takes your client’s wish list and turns it into plans and 3D images they can visualize. He continues to build on the trust you have established by carefully listening and bringing creative solutions. His enthusiasm for cabinetry is an asset you can use to bring better value to all of your client’s cabinetry needs.

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