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NARI Certified

Timothy Ferraro, CR, GCP

Architectural Design Specialist

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For Timothy, there is no greater reward then visiting with homeowners 2, 5, or 10 years after their remodeling is complete and seeing that the home still looks and functions great. He loves stories about how an addition or new kitchen has enhanced the family’s life in daily experience and special events. Creating these one-of-a-kind, personalized remodeling solutions for peoples’ homes is why he started Bluestem Construction and what fuels his passion.

In over 20 years of remodeling projects, Timothy has done every step himself. This direct, deep experience gives him an insight which, along with creativity, allows him to solve almost any type of remodeling challenge. Expanding on his formal education in the Arts, he is always developing his knowledge with certifications and professional training. Timothy holds both the Certified Remodeler and the Green Certified Professional designations from the National Associations of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Building a strong team that shares his values and passion is now the most important thing that Timothy does to bring a fantastic remodeling experience to homeowners. Our clients also say they benefit from his careful listening and they trust that they, and their home, are both getting the care they deserve.
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Tamatha Miller

Director of Client Services
Lead Interior Specialist

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As she manages our integrated design-through-construction process, Tamatha brings leadership and client connection to the forefront. From the first design conversation to completion of the final details, her passion is to find the personalized vision and voice for each homeowner’s project.

Experienced with formal training in all aspects of Fine Arts, Tamatha has honed her residential and commercial design skills over the last 12 years through on-going professional training and practice. Her diverse background, including set design for corporate events and theater, commercial artistic fabrication and commissioned artwork, inspires the creative, personalized and award-winning design solutions you see in our portfolio.

With over 24 years of continuous experience in client care, 12 of them being in management and training, our clients cannot say enough good things about their experience working with Tamatha. Quite simply, they know that they are heard and understood – even if it isn’t spoken. When there are two or more decision makers, she excels at connecting the (sometimes diverse) opinions. She believes that great design stems from listening and solid collaboration. She will always have your best interests at heart and strives to bring an unexpected creative edge to your project.
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Client Services


Mike Lotz

Kitchen Designer
Cabinetry Specialist

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Not only trained in Architectural Technologies and Kitchen Design, Mike has been a professional musician. He likens the elements of great home design to great music; the designer is the composer, putting all of the elements into perfect rhythm and harmony.

This attuned sensibility is paired with over 15 years of experience improving the function, flow and aesthetics of countless kitchens. Mike knows that the most successful projects are a fluid collaboration between the designer and homeowner, and his greatest satisfaction comes from knowing the new kitchen will be a happier and more satisfying place for years to come.

Homeowners love the way Mike takes their wish lists and turns them into plans they can visualize. He earns their trust through careful listening and through devising creative solutions. His enthusiasm for each project generates the energy and drive to actualize an amazing new kitchen… one you will enjoy for years to come.
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Susi Strothman

Architectural Design Specialist

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Known for her cohesive and highly thoughtful designs, Susi has 17 years of architectural design experience in the remodeling field. Her remodeling approach is one that personalizes new living spaces for a homeowner’s lifestyle and aesthetics while maintaining the home’s historical integrity.

A graduate of St. Olaf College where she studied economics, Susi earned her Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. She was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture for 14 years and is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Susi is a fifth-generation Minneapolitan with a passion for old houses of every vintage, with experience working on homes from circa 1838 to the present. Finding a great solution for the space, lifestyle, budget and future of each unique home is Susi’s number one motivation. She loves seeing the look on a client’s face when she shares design possibilities, when the results are exactly what they envisioned, and most of all, when the remodel looks better than they ever imagined.

A choral singer since she was five, the idea of melody and harmony is one Susi applies to design: “There is the overall proportion and architectural congruency that make up the melody of the design, while the details, subtle anomalies and moments of delight enrich the design with harmony – just like music.”
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Matthew Wurm

Architectural Specialist

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Matt brings a unique set of skills and talents to the Bluestem design team. He began working on
the job site with his father when he was in high school, helping to build many residential projects.
He then attended the University of Minnesota graduating with a Bachelor of Design in
Architecture and a minor in Landscape Design and Planning. This dual focus on both the built
and natural realms led Matt to first pursue landscape design, and then later transition into residential
design using his construction background to inform his drafting and detail work in both roles.
In addition to his design and construction experience, Matt consistently brings a positive, can-do
attitude to the workplace. His enthusiasm is evident, whether creating construction drawings,
evaluating the quality of project materials, or pitching in by hauling materials to the job site.

Motivated to exceed customer expectations, Matt strives to get every aspect of a project right
the first time. He is committed to helping clients achieve their dreams by documenting and
tracking the details throughout the process, thus ensuring the project runs smoothly. A builder
by nature, Matt understands how the many parts come together to make the successful whole,
and utilizes this knowledge in coordinating the details through design into construction.
Matt especially enjoys putting the finishing touches on construction drawings and formatting
them into a comprehensive set the production team can then use to effectively build each
personalized project. “What I like most about my job is creating plan sets. I really enjoy drafting
because I get to see a project evolve from a concept to the design our clients love.”
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Travis Anderson

Project Lead

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Working as a Project Lead for Bluestem Construction is ideal for Travis – it combines his interest in building science with customer service and construction management. Whether he’s ensuring building code compliance or meeting on-site with clients, Travis takes pride in his work, striving to exceed the highest expectations. A former business owner, Travis studied electrical engineering, computer science and business in college.

What drives Travis to succeed on every project he undertakes is the sense of accomplishment that comes with a job well done, and knowing he’s helped homeowners realize their vision. His favorite client activity is exploring remodeling options and creating innovative solutions for customer needs.

Travis works with both clients and Bluestem Construction trade specialists to ensure the remodeling process is streamlined and as stress-free as possible. He enjoys showing clients the progress made in creating new spaces and completing improvements, while communicating with homeowners each step along the way.

Travis believes his experience in construction and project management has taught him the value of a collaborative approach to remodeling: “What I’ve learned is that I can do anything, but can’t do everything. It takes a good team to bring a project together.”
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Ron Altenburg

Project Lead

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As Project Lead, Ron is a consistent and steady on-site presence throughout the
construction process. He communicates daily with homeowners, manages
subcontractors, and ensures projects are completed on schedule and according to the
highest industry standards. Known for outstanding attention to detail, Ron enjoys the
planning and precision needed for executing top-quality design features. Our customers
value Ron’s ability to listen well and enjoy his calming presence during the sometimes
frenetic building process.

Ron’s long-standing passion for remodeling began when he was an architecture student
at North Dakota State University. With more than 20 years of experience in the design
and build industry, he is motivated to make the remodeling experience enjoyable for
homeowners and to deliver the results that meet and exceed their expectations. His
favorite part of the job is finding creative solutions to the unique design and building
challenges often present in older homes.

Ron has a keen artistic sensibility that influences every aspect of the work he does:
“Getting the aesthetics right in every part of the remodeling project is a top priority for
me. I guess you could say I’m an easy-going perfectionist.”
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Field Production Staff

Jeff Johnson


Support Team


Celeste Eide

Office Manager

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When customers meet our office manager, she immediately puts them at ease. Celeste’s positive attitude is infectious, and her strong background in customer service makes client communication effortless and productive. Her motto: “Treat people exactly how I would like to be treated.”

Celeste pursued a degree in marketing at the University of Moorhead and also studied business law and actuarial science. She’s worked in the fire protection, insurance and printing industries, where she gained extensive experience managing crucial details.

An accomplished office manager with expertise in QuickBooks™ and other essential business software, Celeste is a calming “people person” who enjoys managing the diverse needs of our customers. She brings value to our company and clients in numerous ways, but especially by ensuring the financial aspects of each project run smoothly and as planned. She understands how important it is to answer every customer question promptly and accurately.

Celeste loves working in the remodeling industry because she’s motivated to help others. She wants to make each client’s experience with Bluestem Construction a rewarding journey – and the end result to be everything they had in mind.
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Shira Levenson Mayket

Marketing Manager

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Shira is a marketing and sales professional with over 15 years of experience working with varied companies around the Twin Cities. Much of her previous experience was working in entertainment, attractions and tourism. She is active in the local theater community, and can often be found performing on a stage somewhere, watching a theater performance or attending a live music event. Most of her current performing, however, is for the wonderful audience of her newly-born daughter.
Having undergone a partial home remodel herself, she’s very familiar with the process and enjoys doing her part to help others have a wonderful experience with it!

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