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Timothy Ferraro, CR, GCP

Architectural Design Specialist

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For Timothy, there is no greater reward then visiting with homeowners 2, 5, or 10 years after their remodeling is complete and seeing that the home still looks and functions great. He loves stories about how an addition or new kitchen has enhanced the family’s life in daily experience and special events. Creating these one-of-a-kind, personalized remodeling solutions for peoples’ homes is why he started Bluestem Construction and what fuels his passion.

In over 20 years of remodeling projects, Timothy has done every step himself. This direct, deep experience gives him an insight that, along with creativity, allows him to solve almost any type of remodeling challenge. Expanding on his formal education in the Arts, he is always developing his knowledge with certifications and professional training. Timothy holds both the Certified Remodeler and the Green Certified Professional designations from the National Associations of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Building a strong team that shares his values and passion is now the most important thing that Timothy does to bring a fantastic remodeling experience to homeowners. Our clients also say they benefit from his careful listening and they trust that they and their home are both getting the care they deserve.
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Tamatha Miller

Director of Client Services
Lead Interior Specialist

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As she manages our integrated design-through-construction process, Tamatha brings leadership and client connection to the forefront. Starting with the first design conversation, to completion of the final details, her passion is to find the personalized vision and voice for each homeowner’s project.

Experienced with formal training in all aspects of Fine Arts, Tamatha has honed her residential and commercial design skills over the last 12 years through on-going professional training and practice. Her diverse background (including set design for corporate events and theater, commercial artistic fabrication and commissioned artwork) inspires the creative, personalized and award-winning design solutions you see in our portfolio.

With over 24 years of continuous experience in client care, 12 of which being in management and training, our Clients cannot say enough good things about their experience working with Tamatha. Quite simply, they know that they are heard and understood – even if it isn’t spoken. When there are two or more decision makers, she excels at connecting the (sometimes diverse) opinions. She believes that great design stems from listening and solid collaboration. She will always have your best interests at heart and strives to bring an unexpected creative edge to your project.
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Client Services


Mike Lotz

Kitchen Designer
Cabinetry Specialist

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Not only trained in Architectural Technologies and Kitchen Design, Mike has been a professional musician. He likens the elements of great home design to great music; the designer is the composer, putting all of the elements into perfect rhythm and harmony.

This attuned sensibility is paired with over 15 years of experience improving the function, flow and aesthetics of countless kitchens. Mike knows that the most successful projects are a fluid collaboration between the designer and homeowner, and his greatest satisfaction comes from knowing the new kitchen will be a happier and more satisfying place for years to come.

Homeowners love the way Mike takes their wish list and turns it in to plans they can visualize. He earns their trust through careful listening and devising creative solutions. His enthusiasm for each project generates the energy and drive to actualize an amazing new kitchen. One you will enjoy for years to come.
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Caleb Rick

Field Operations Manager

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With over 10 years helping homeowners find elegant solutions to complex problems, Caleb is uniquely suited for the duties of Field Operations Manager. From managing project schedules, meeting with clients to address their needs, to helping our carpenters solve technical problems, he applies his deep understanding of the building process and building structure.

Having run his own remodeling company and studying Green Building practices (he is a Minnesota GreenStar trained builder) he knows we must reach beyond today’s building techniques. We must understand why we use those techniques and how we can make them better. That elevated expertise is the only way to deliver beautiful, durable, sustainable and valuable remodeling to the homeowners we help.

Clients appreciate the way Caleb listens to what they need and strives to deliver exceptional service. His practice of concise schedules, excellent craftsmanship, exacting detail, clean job sites and clear expectations add up to great client care. This care makes the homeowners’ experience predictable and worry-free.
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Field Production Staff

Ron Altenburg
Lead Carpenter
Daren Gladis
Senior Staff Carpenter
Matthew McQueen
Carpenter Apprentice


Support Team


Stacy Pampuch

Office Manager

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Whether making sure the paper work is perfect or accounting for each penny of a project, Stacy often asks, “How can we do this better for our Clients?”

Her passion for a great client experience comes from over 20 years of retail, small business and customer service work. She quietly drives the background details that make our systems function. Beyond just numbers, she supports our team in continually improving the tools that let us deliver.

Stacy wants our clients to relax in knowing that the financial details are clear, transparent and correct. And, homeowners appreciate having a friendly voice to assist with answers to your pressing questions.
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