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Every home has a story to tell.

The Bluestem design and build process respects the story of your family, your home and your neighborhood while embracing the unique dreams you hold for the space you share. When we are done, we want you to feel that your home fits together perfectly – and tells a tale of belonging, comfort and grace.

Personalized Remodeling means we bring the kind of design integrity that will provide a welcoming place for you to create your own new stories for years to come.

Our Story

The best part of our story is being a part of your stories since 1999. It’s our obsession to help enhance the beauty, comfort, nurture, respite and performance that your home offers. There is nothing more gratifying than to learn how much a kitchen, addition or basement remodel improved the lives of families we have worked with for five, ten or more years after we finished it.

We recognize that the stories yet to be told in your home are as lively and dynamic as your life.

Renovation is more than merely updating.
We understand that a home that can truly comfort us is not merely a collection of the latest styles. At Bluestem we recognize that the space planning, materials, technology, and living features of a home should reflect the tastes and values of a homeowner.
As we work together, we will discover that a satisfying new kitchen isn’t created by the latest countertop trends, but by how it provides a place to live out your dreams for gathering and sharing meals. Replacing outdated heating and cooling equipment not only increases comfort, it reflects your concern for wise stewardship of energy. Wall and floor finishes can delight your senses as they embody your commitment to your own well-being and that of the planet.

Green Building

To Bluestem Construction, green building is simple – reduce or eliminate the negative impacts to our environment that come from building and from living in our homes. There is no perfect solution, particularly in remodeling, but we strive to find the best practice available.

Green building can come in any style and suit any taste – it is simply an approach to building that considers environmental factors in the planning and decision-making.

So what factors should we consider?

Mid-century Bath Re-envisioned Gallery 8Reduce Energy Use
This is the first place we make improvements. It is direct (reducing greenhouse gases) and has the biggest possibility for quick payback to the homeowner in financial savings and increased comfort. Starting with the design, we examine how much room to add (if we are planning an addition), and how we can maximize natural lighting and reduce heating and cooling demand. As we plan the build, we will examine what building systems deliver the best energy performance and what technology makes sense for lighting, heating and cooling. As we source materials we strive to find materials with low manufacturing and transport energy footprints. Through better building science, improved technology and careful sourcing of materials, we can dramatically reduce both daily energy use and the energy it takes to produce your home.

Steampunk meets Modern Kitchen Gallery 6Recycle, Re-use, Reduce Waste
Remodeling is the best recycling a homeowner can do. By re-using an existing home, in an existing neighborhood, we reduce the need to take up new land, build new roads, and create new municipal facilities and infrastructure. We recycle construction waste with a local company and keep over 50% out of landfills.

Build For Longevity
Our homes should not be a disposable commodity. Buildings that are built to last save resources. Well-designed spaces meet occupants’ living needs for years. Quality materials with timeless appeal hold up and do not need to be replaced as often. The right detailing helps ensure that the home will remain structurally sound decade after decade.

Material Choice
Choosing “green” materials is probably the most complicated part of the green building equation.
For example:
-Sustainably harvested timber that is shipped from across the globe uses good forestry practices, but requires extra energy to get it to your home.
-High-efficiency insulation products may come from petroleum.
-Sheet goods that use small trees instead of old growth may contain chemicals in the adhesives.
Although there is no one right answer to the choosing the “greenest” materials, we are always looking for products that meet your exacting standards.

Our Values

Along with our Guarantees, here are a few other Core Values:

Basement-To-Beautiful Panels 3Living Wage Jobs and a Well-Trained Workforce
Our employees are paid in accordance with local industry standards and receive health care, dental coverage and compensated personal leave. We provide training opportunities for employees. Our employees are our best asset.

Responsible Business Relationships
We seek, whenever possible, to use local businesses for both our materials and trade subcontractors. We encourage our subs and vendors to engage in fair and equitable workplace practices. In addition, Bluestem supports many local organizations seeking economic, environmental and social justice.

We actively seek to create and employee workforce of diverse race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

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